Collaborations and Participations with the United Nations

UN Study Tour

For two consecutive years, Bahrain was also selected, by the UN in 2014 and 2015, as the 1st country in the world to be visited by large delegations representing various countries to benefit from its experience in the field of eGovernment and sign agreements - aiming at transferring its successful experience and assist these countries to develop their own eGovernment strategies. The country has also hosted a number of visits from high level delegations from more than 25 countries and international organizations that benefited from the experience of the Kingdom in the field of eGovernment and public service. Delegations from Morocco and Malaysia have visited Bahrain to share knowledge and experiences in the field of eGovernment, and to collaborate in the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector.

The Kingdom has also initiated to organize a knowledge-sharing workshop on United Nations eGovernment indicators for Least Developed Countries (LDCs) and a workshop of the Arab Center for eContent Development.

Global eGovernment Experts Workshop

More than 17 countries, representing world regions, participated in the Global eGovernment Expert workshop to explore, discuss and address encountered challenges and the improvement areas associated in the eGovernment development indicators that are considered by UNDESA for the 2014 report. ITU and UNESCO senior officials were present at the multi-stakeholder discussion which encompassed a series of presentations, informative insights, inputs and suggestions as well as thought-provoking papers which all left a beneficial legacy. Participated experts stressed the need to hold a similar conference every two years.
The Global eGovernment Expert Workshop recommendations have been presented by the to UNDESA in New York during the UN eGovernment Expert Group meeting (PDF, 1.2MB, 31 Pages) in December 2012 to convey the member stats challenges and recommendations about the assessment criteria. Group members applauded Bahrain's pioneering initiative to host such workshop, being the first-of-its-kind, and accepted most of the presented recommendations. The outcomes and recommendations were also digitally published and printed for future reference as well as distributed to every stakeholder to give them a better understanding of the UN measurements.

UN Global Alliance for ICT for Development (UN-GAID)

The Kingdom of Bahrain has become a member in UN-GAID Strategic Council in 2010. In coordination with UN-GAID, the Kingdom of Bahrain has submitted a proposal related to the establishment of the Millennium Development Goals Center and host a capacity building program to provide Information & Communications Technology (ICT) advisory services to African countries and other Least Developed Countries. Bahrain has participated in all UN-GAID activities and preparations for the high-level reports which have been presented to UN General Assembly in 2010.

United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO)

Bahrain’s Capital, Manama, was selected as the Capital of Innovation and Arab Entrepreneurs for the year 2014 in collaboration with UNIDO and the Arab Thought Forum; positioning its first fingerprints on the map of entrepreneurship and investment. For that purpose, the city of Manama introduced a set of systems and strategies which empower the entrepreneurs in the economic activity in a way making the Kingdom an investment and economy destination as well as a global financial center.
As the Capital of Innovation and Arab Entrepreneurs, Manama city events and activities calendar comprised a set of programs, forums and conferences that aim at introducing the youth to concepts of entrepreneurship and highlighting the role of the private sector.
The calendar also included the Bahrain International eGovernment Forum – held in April 2014 in its 7th edition - under the patronage of His Highness Shaikh Mohammed bin Mubarak AlKhalifa, Deputy Prime Minister and Chairman of the Supreme Committee for Information & Communication Technology (SCICT). The prominent event witnessed the participation of more than 5,000 persons including the Opening Ceremony and forum sessions, the involvement of 67 speakers, the Bahrain IT Exhibition 2014 together with workshops.

United Nations ESCWA

The Kingdom has also participated with UN ESCWA for the “Government electronic and Mobile Services” Indicator (GEMS), which measures the level of digitization and sophistication of government services encouraging policymakers and government entities to improve government services delivery and thereby improving the overall quality of life of the society by promoting a constituent-centric view and highlighting the satisfaction drivers in the delivery of digital government services.

United Nations Statistical Commission

The Kingdom of Bahrain is also a member of the United Nations Statistical Commission, which was established in 1947, the Statistical Commission is the highest body of the global statistical system that brings together senior statisticians from Member States from around the world, responsible for the decision-making for international statistical activities, setting statistical standards and developing concepts and methods, including their implementation at the national and international levels.


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