Government Initiatives to Support Innovation

The government of the Kingdom of Bahrain offers the most innovative practices to set an example in this regard. Below are some of the key government initiatives to promote innovation.

BeAware Bahrain

The Information & eGovernemnt Authority (iGA), in cooperation with the National Taskforce for Combating the Coronavirus, launched the ‘BeAware Bahrain’ app in early 2020 to enhance government efforts to track home quarantine cases and allows for better contact tracing. The app alerts citizens and residents when they are within proximity of confirmed or suspected cases. Use of the app, which is only mandatory for individuals under quarantine, alerts healthcare teams via GPS-equipped irremovable electronic bracelets connected with the app to track quarantined individual. BeAware Bahrain, which was developed in-house by the iGA, also allows users to register for government-approved novel coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines.

500 eServices

The national portal provide convenient touchpoints for virtually all government transactions. It currently offers more than 500 eServices across all government channels.

Supporting Business

The Kingdom established the labor fund Tamkeen, which serves as a vehicle to promote investment in innovation and an engine to strengthen the Bahraini economy by supporting and nurturing the private sector. Tamkeen supports individuals by financing training programs and professional certification and offering wage support. It also financially supports businesses of all sizes, incentivising innovation and entrepreneurship.

The Economic Development Board (EDB) also fosters innovation by attracting foreign investment and supporting the private sector. Allowing 100% ownership of foreign investment in most business sectors, made it easier for global businesses to establish themselves in the Kingdom, and bring their technologies with them.

Incubators and Accelerators

The Kingdom of Bahrain currently has more than 34 accelerators, incubators and co-working spaces which stimulate innovation and the growth of new businesses.

The Bahrain Business Incubator Centre was established in 2003 by the Bahrain Development Bank (BDB) and was the first diversified incubator in the region. The BDB also created Riyadat to promote women entrepreneurs and bridge the gender gap.

The Ministry of Industry and Commerce encourages the establishment of incubators and accelerators by issuing appropriate licenses and providing favourable terms, conditions and legislation to regulate their activities.

Protecting Innovative Ideas

To foster the development of innovative ideas, the government offers protection of intellectual property through the Ministry of Industry and Commerce Patent Office. Applications can be filed online through the Trademark and Patent eServices feature on the Ministry’s site, where all required documents can be uploaded, changes requested, and annual payments made. Patents are issued for 20 years.


One of the aspirations of the government’s Economic Vision 2030 is to create a robust digital economy. This is reflected through high level investment in financial technology (fintech) and the establishment of Bahrain FinTech Bay, the region’s largest fintech center which provides laboratories, business accelerators, and educational opportunities.

Space Science

The Kingdom of Bahrain’s National Space Science Authority (NSSA) invests in space science and its diverse applications through participating in relevant global programs. It has also established a Bahrain Space Team to explore opportunities in the field.


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Content Last Updated: 22 Aug, 2023

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