Passport renewal:

Citizens can submit a request to renew their passports and those of their families, and enquire about their request statuses via the Passport Renewal eService.

Passport issuance:

Citizens can submit a request to have passports issued once they have filled out this form (PDF, 4.4MB, 2 Pages, Arabic Only), acknowledgment and pledge (PDF, 218KB, 1 Page, Arabic Only), and have submitted the request directly using the relevant eService on the Nationality, Passports and Residence Affairs (NPRA) website.

Replacement of expired passports for citizens abroad:

Bahraini citizens who wish to replace their expired passports and are currently abroad can visit the Kingdom’s embassies and consulates to submit their requests. Applicants must attend in-person or have a legal representative present to perform the service at any embassy or consulate. In case there is no diplomatic mission in the applicants’ countries of residence, they must get in touch with the Kingdom’s nearest mission to the country of residence.


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Content Last Updated: 06 Jun, 2024

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