Labour Force Survey


The Labor Force Survey is one of the field surveys conducted on households by the Information & eGovernment Authority (iGA).  

Labour Survey 2018 is one of the numerous surveys carried-out according to international statistical standards to measure the size of local and foreign labour forces, together with level of production as well as activities that promote national economic growth to achieve objectives of the Economic Vision 2030.  

Data collection will be conducted monthly throughout the year and characteristics of the labour force will be quarterly published on the Bahrain Open Data Portal.  

The results of these surveys provide detailed data on the size and components of Bahrain’s labour force to serve decision-makers and market policy planners in the Kingdom of Bahrain as well as determine the capacity of local and foreign labour forces classified according to population, social and economic features that contribute in determining priorities of the upcoming strategic plans in all economic sectors.  

 Responsible Entities 

Information & eGovernment Authority 

Targeted Population 

  • All citizens 

  • All university students 

  • Job seekers 

  • Businessmen and investors 

  • All public and private sector employees 


  • Provide detailed data on Bahrain’s local and foreign labour force classified according to their population and socio-economic characteristics.  
  • Measure labour force unemployment, operation,  economic participation and dependency rates according to a number of variables.  
  • Provide data on training programs for job seekers and learn about experiences of past seekers.  
  • Provide data of the unemployed and the employed according to their features and academic qualifications. Additionally, identify career components and economic activities for employees according to a set of variables.  
  • Identify average of monthly salary of employees and provide data on the average active weekly working hours according to career and employees economic activity.  
  • Provide detailed data of job seekers as well as data on organized and non-organized employment.  
  • Provide indicators on labour force for decision-makers as well as public and private sectors. In addition to regional and international organizations which are capable of setting suitable plans.  


Sample and Period
The survey is carried-out during a course of one year on randomly selected samples of 4,500 Bahraini and non-Bahraini households including labour camps throughout all governorates in the Kingdom. 

Required Data
Households will be contacted and informed that they are amongst the selected samples to carry-out the survey. An appointment will be set to visit them at their convenience. The survey enables the monitoring and fulfilling of varied seasonal information that are available only through field visits while taking into account seasonal employment and unemployment variables.After ensuring that all data in the program are completed, survey workers will continue to work with the household to ensure accuracy and completion of data. The data is then checked, analyzed and results are extracted after obtaining necessary clarifications from households if required. The collected information are confidential and are not revealed. They are only to be used for statistical purposes. 


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Content Last Updated: 26 Feb, 2023

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