Digital Transformation Initiatives

Some of the core initiatives of the government’s digital transformation journey include:

  • Designing services around users’ needs which can be delivered in real time through any device:
    This involves rebuilding public services with digital delivery at their core and digitising the entire chain of activities that provide the most benefit to users.
  • Prioritising accessibility for all users, including those who cannot use online service, via an assisted digital approach:
    Customers who are unable to use digital services due to a lack of Internet access, device or Internet skills can visit a government service centre where they will be assisted. The service centres provide end-to-end digital services so that customers do not need to carry records which are already with any of the government entities.
  • Requiring citizens and businesses to supply their data to a government entity only once:
    The government is considering the use of nationwide digital identity schemes that can enable the development of new products and services while reducing operational costs. This will consolidate government services so that users only need to input their information once.
  • Using advanced technologies and data analysis to make more accurate predictions and smarter decisions:
    The Government of Bahrain has signed an agreement with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to establish data centres that make the Kingdom the home of big data in the region. This gives rise to initiatives such as using big data in the Kingdom’s National Census project and incorporating the Geographical Information Systems Data as well as Land Use Data. Big data can also be used in statics projects such as tourism and Consumer Price Index initiatives.
  • Consolidating government data and making it open and usable to the public:
    The Kingdom’s Open Data portal aims to promote transparency and to make it easier for investors and businesses to make informed decisions and offer new innovative services and business models. The data published adheres to all privacy requirements.


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Content Last Updated: 10 Jul, 2024

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