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In an effort to improve government transparency and boost public participation, several governmental entities in Bahrain freely publish their data on the Open Data Portal.

The aim is to enable individuals and institutional stakeholders to perform explorations and analysis on the data, which can give rise to the development of better policies, decisions, programs and services. The data sets enable stakeholders to create new apps and websites or suggest creative solutions to problems, while forming the basis for constructive dialogue and collaboration between the public and private sectors.

The portal is the country’s largest open data platform, providing a vast library of information without any classifications or restrictions on use, dissemination or publication, except when it comes to protecting data privacy rights, security and confidentiality. For ease of use, a searchable metadata list is available on the portal to further explain common terms in both Arabic and English.

The goals of the open data portal are aligned with Goal 11 of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, which is to make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient, and sustainable.


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Content Last Updated: 29 Aug, 2023

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