Internet Access for All

In line with the Economic Vision 2030, the Kingdom of Bahrain aims at becoming a "Smart Kingdom" and transforming the country to be a leading business and Information & Communication Technology (ICT) hub for internet content & application in the region.

Access to high-speed internet is available through fixed and wireless broadband lines that are accessible by all population and with conveniently affordable prices. The fixed broadband prices in Bahrain are lowest in the region.

Liberal Telecommunications Market

Bahrain is the first Arab Gulf country to have a fully liberalized telecommunication market. Therefore, there are many telecom service providers in the Kingdom today, and the consumer in Bahrain has the option to choose an operator and has full freedom to switch between providers while keeping the exiting mobile number.

“Leaving No One” Without Access to Internet

Everyone in Bahrain has access to mobile with subscription rate of 118% of the total population. Estimated internet users in Bahrain is 99% of total population, which is ranked 3rd globally. No. of mobile subscriptions reached 2.09 million lines, and fixed lines reached 225,797 lines and 2.16 million internet subscription.

Free Wi-Fi Access

Free of Charge Internet access via Wi-Fi networks is available in most of public areas in Bahrain at tourist attractions areas, hotels, public malls, and public facilities.

Nationwide 5G

Bahrain is among first countries to have a comprehensive 5th Generation (5G) network coverage in most urban areas in the Kingdom with over 95% coverage. This accomplishment is an important milestone towards enhancing readiness for next generation ICT services such as the Internet of Things, and other emerging technologies.

The nationwide 5G coverage reflects the government of Bahrain efforts and vision to build a robust and widely accessible digital infrastructure in support of the growing digital economy in the Kingdom.


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Content Last Updated: 27 Aug, 2023

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