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Bahrain Spatial Data Infrastructure (BSDI) Portal

The Bahrain Spatial Data Infrastructure (BSDI) Portal provides a geographic browser that includes the latest maps and data, regularly updated in a unified database. It encompasses maps of essential services and infrastructure information such as addresses, buildings, water networks, electricity networks, telecommunications networks, petroleum and gas installations, and other relevant data. The database contains over 300 layers of infrastructure maps, serving over 30 government and private entities around the clock. This contributes to faster decision-making, service delivery, transactions for citizens, and planning, supporting to the national economy, government strategies, and projects. It also helps with optimizing land and resource utilization, achieving sustainability in production and services, and supporting coordination between government and non-government entities.


Tasareeh is a geographic electronic platform that facilitates the management of issuing permits for various types of infrastructure. It streamlines coordination among the entities involved in infrastructure services and the internal distribution of requests, while providing the required data to expedite decision-making without relying on other systems.

Tasareeh is a significant national initiative implemented by the Information & eGovernment Authority (iGA), in collaboration with several partners, to contribute to the development of the Kingdom’s infrastructure. It provides a unified and comprehensive platform for issuing all permits and licenses related to infrastructure. The project aims to re-engineer all procedures related to infrastructure, automate them, and integrate them into an interconnected system under its umbrella, replacing manual processes and updating outdated systems. Tasareeh is built on the Bahrain Spatial Data Infrastructure (BSDI) Portal, which provides a geographic browser with the latest maps and data regularly updated. It enables users to view requests directly on geographic maps, facilitating the review of applications and decision-making by the relevant entities, which results in a more efficient completion of infrastructure licensing requests compared to the previous system.

Bahrain Explorer

The Bahrain Explorer website was developed by the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Directorate at the Information & eGovernment Authority (iGA) utilizing modern GIS technology. It can be effectively used by both the public and private sectors, as well as citizens and residents. The website allows users to search for addresses, roads, areas, and service locations such as restaurants, hospitals, schools, pharmacies, and shopping centers. It also provides information on governorate boundaries, block boundaries, authorized commercial streets, land classifications, and areas designated for foreign investment. In addition, it offers satellite imagery, service locations, and landmarks through an interactive map.

Building Permit Portal (Benayat)

The Building Permit Portal (Benayat) is a system responsible for issuing construction permits for all projects in the Kingdom of Bahrain, whether they are for investment, residential, industrial, commercial, or other purposes. Benayat allows licensed engineering offices in the Kingdom to submit building permit applications, inquire about the status of applications, obtain consultancy services from relevant government entities regarding building permits, pay the associated fees, and apply for various other services. The system also facilitates clients' access to information that helps them prepare the necessary documents, drawings, and maps required for applications by displaying all the regulations and legislations related to building permits, in addition to the Bahrain Interactive Map that shows the building requirements for each plot or property.

Benayat’ expedites the issuance of permits in a record time of up to 5 days, compared to the several months previously required. This is achieved by linking it to the Bahrain Spatial Data Infrastructure (BSDI) Portal, which allows users, including investors and engineering offices, to learn about the regulatory requirements specific to the property. This assists in preparing engineering drawings and obtaining the required pre-approvals, saving time and effort for the users. The system also provides access to the Building Codes, along with the ability to track the application and add performance indicators to ensure service quality. Additionally, Benayat’s interactive map provides indicators of infrastructure services, enabling investors or property owners to get information on the availability of essential infrastructure services such as roads, electricity, water, and sewage in the area where the property is located, as well as the approval status from relevant authorities.

Electronic integration with various data providers covers property violations, infrastructure data, and property data, to ensure automatic updating and accuracy, and that all procedures are accurate in the building permit issuance process.

Urban Planning Services Portal (Planning)

‘Planning’ is an urban planning services portal for all projects in the Kingdom of Bahrain. It covers multiple functions, including land subdivision, land rezoning, freeze parcel removal, plot boundaries, and more. The system allows licensed engineering offices to submit planning applications for individuals and companies, inquire about the status of applications, obtain consultancy services from relevant government entities regarding planning services, and pay the associated fees. The system also facilitates applicants' access to information that helps them prepare the necessary documents, drawings, and maps for application submissions by displaying all the regulations and legislations related to planning services, along with an interactive map of the Kingdom, which shows the requirements associated with each plot.

Planning’ aims to enhance the digital transformation of government services by automating all the services provided by the Urban Planning and Development Authority (UPDA), which currently offers 11 electronic planning services. This aims to streamline the provided services, expedite procedures, improve service quality, reduce time frames, simplify procedures, and enhance the private sector's role as an effective partner in service provision.


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Content Last Updated: 21 Jun, 2023

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