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Internet connectivity is a key component of a future-based knowledge and digital economy. According to International Telecommunication Union, Bahrain was ranked number 1 in the Arab world and number 31 globally on the ICT Development Index in 2017, a composite index that monitors and compares ICT development across countries and over time. As of 2023, the country had 2.1 million mobile subscribers and the mobile penetration rate was 137%. There were 2.48 million broadband subscribers, with penetration rate was 158%. The country has adopted 5G technology for superior connectivity, laying a strong foundation for a digital economy.

In an effort to ensure that nobody is left offline, Bahrain’s public and private schools offer Internet access for teachers and students as part of the Digital Empowerment in Education project.

Free Wi-Fi networks are also available in many public areas such as public markets, malls, the Bahrain International Airport and public transport.


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Content Last Updated: 29 Aug, 2023

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