• Law No. (23) of 2014 (PDF, 337KB, 31 pages, Arabic only) promulgating the Traffic Law.
    This law includes provisions governing traffic on public roads, vehicles and their types, registration and licensing of vehicles, driving licenses, fees, traffic rules and etiquette, precautionary measures, the establishment of the Traffic Council, and penalties for anyone who violates its provisions.
  • Minister of the Interior Decision No. (153) of 2015 (PDF, 103KB, 4 pages, Arabic only) regarding the introduction of a points system for traffic offenses.
    This decision determines the mechanism of the points system in relation to traffic violations.
  • Minister of the Interior Decision No. (154) of 2015 (PDF, 491KB, 94 pages, Arabic only) implementing regulations for the Traffic Law promulgated by Law No. (23) of 2014.
    This decision cancels the previous regulations; a statement of general provisions; traffic rules and signals; pedestrian rules; private company parking; road markings; vehicle and bicycle registration and requirements; types of vehicles; license plate types, shapes, and data; licensing of education vehicles and foreign vehicles; driving license requirements and types; and final and transitional provisions.
  • Minister of Interior Decision No. (160) of 2016 (PDF, 118KB, 5 pages, Arabic only) adding motorcycles used in rugged areas to the types of vehicles mentioned in the Traffic Law.
    This decision regulates the terms and conditions for the use of rugged terrain motorcycles, the provisions for their rental, and sets the safety controls and requirements for their use.

Content Last Updated: 26 Feb, 2023

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