United Nations eGovernment Survey

Bahrain's Participation in the United Nations eGovernment Survey

The Kingdom of Bahrain is keen on continuously participating in international events that will levitate its experience and assist in enhancing and mapping the road towards improving its eGovernment programs and provided services.
Since 2014, the Kingdom has participated in the United Nations eGovernment Survey, due to its importance and positive effects on the eGovernment sector and its development.

United Nations eGovernment Survey 2022

The results of the United Nations eGovernment Report 2022 showed the Kingdom if Bahrain's ranked in the very high category in the eGovernment Development Index. Bahrain continues to achieve above world average score in the eGovernment development index and the eParticipation index. 

United Nations eGovernment Survey 2020

The Kingdom of Bahrain maintained its second-place ranking among Arab countries in the eGovernment Development Index 2020 ranking it among the very high categories, which was formulated based on the results of a 2020 United Nations eGovernment Survey. 
The report highlighted the Kingdom’s National Suggestions and Complaints System, ‘Tawasul’ as an example of a successful and innovative official government channel of communication. The system enhanced public participation and government service customer experience, contributing to the Kingdom’s high ranking and performance in the E-Participation Index (EPI). The report praised the system’s ability to reach the public through multiple electronic channels, including the National Portal (bahrain.bh) and the Tawasul app, which is available for download on both the iOS and Android systems.

United Nations eGovernment Survey 2018

Results of the United Nations eGovernment Readiness Survey 2018  has shown the Kingdom of Bahrain’s achievement that rank as 26th globally and 5th among Asia. Bahrain has maintained its leading position amongst countries with “Very-High” indexes making only two Arab countries, out of eight in Asia, to attain such position.
This classification was not attained by any Arab country apart from Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Moreover, only 40 countries were capable of achieving such leading international classification amongst 193 countries being evaluated. The Kingdom also accomplished a massive leap in achieving the 4th position international within the Telecoms Infrastructure index – seven ranks higher from the last issued report in 2016.

United Nations eGovernment Survey 2016

The results of the United Nations eGovernment Report 2016 showed Bahrain's high ranking and its success to maintain the top position for four years in a row, in the Arab eGovernment readiness category. Bahrain was also ranked among the best in developed countries in the world for two consecutive surveys.
Bahrain ranked 24th in the eGovernment readiness in the world, ranking first in the region, followed by the United Arab Emirates (29th), Kuwait (40th), Saudi Arabia (44th), Qatar (48th) and Oman (66th). The Telecommunication Infrastructure Index has achieved remarkable advance to rank 11th in the world after ranking 26th in 2014. In 2018, the Kingdom of Bahrain jumped to the 4th place globally in the Telecommunication Infrastructure Index.

United Nations eGovernment Survey 2014

The Kingdom of Bahrain has achieved an advanced rank in the UN eGovernment Survey 2014 (PDF, 8.6MB, 284 pages) on the eGovernment readiness and quality of eServices, were it was rated at the forefront of five geographic regions achieving rank number 18 worldwide and 1st on the Arab and Middle East countries with its eGovernment readiness.
The report is integral and comprehensive in measuring the readiness of eGovernment and is the only report globally that evaluates the readiness of 193 world countries and United Nations Member States. It has indicated the advancement of Bahrain on the eParticipation Index - occupying the 14th rank after it had been the 19th within the last report in 2012. Such an achievement moved Bahrain ahead, as it was also classified, for the 3rd consecutive time, as one of the top 8 countries in the Global Web Index. The Kingdom of Bahrain has initiated to translate the UN eGovernment Survey 2014 into Arabic language to spread the benefits of the latest trends in eGovernment that are highlighted in the report to a wider range of Arab countries.


United Nations Public Service Award 2013

The Kingdom of Bahrain attains the confidence of the international community and as a result, it has been selected as the 1st Arab country and the 4th world state to host the United Nations Public Service Forum & Awards 2013 outside of the United Nations' headquarters in New York.

Bahrain has won the United Nations Public Service Award in three categories during 2010 event, one category in 2012, 2013 and 2014. The Kingdom has also organized the Bahrain International eGovernment Forum, where the performance indicators and criteria set by the United Nations for the readiness of eGovernment were discussed.


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Content Last Updated: 07 Jun, 2023

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