The National Authentication Framework Project (eKey system)

Developed by the Information & eGovernment Authority (iGA), the eKey is a unified login system for all electronic services that require individual identification. It aims to facilitate secure access to government eServices.

The eKey serves as an national digital identity, digitally authenticating user data. It is issued based on ID card information and fingerprints. Thanks to this system, the Kingdom of Bahrain has been able to provide a unified login system for its services through a range of electronic channels such as the National Portal,, smartphone applications, and websites, ensuring the highest levels of security. The system enables customers to quickly and securely access these eServices using their eKey accounts, in line with the vision of the iGA in delivering highly effective services to its beneficiaries.

Currently, the eKey is available at two levels: Standard and Advanced. Standard provides a high level of security, requiring users to enter only their personal identification number and password to access electronic services. Advanced, obtained through registration, offers an even higher level of security and enables access to highly confidential electronic services that require verification of the customer's ID card in addition to fingerprint authentication.

The eKey account verification process consists of three security levels: password, ID card, and fingerprint, ensuring maximum security for electronic transactions, especially considering the substantial increase in the number of services provided by the iGA. This feature in the system has been implemented across multiple websites, allowing users to log in only once without the need to repeat the login process to access electronic services.

eKYC “Know Your Customer”

The Kingdom of Bahrain’s eKYC (Know Your Customer) platform provides a digital national identity database. It enables financial institutions that utilize e-wallet payment solutions to securely verify their customers' identities, validate their information, and digitally share data before offering financial services.


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Content Last Updated: 11 Jun, 2023

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