Consumer Rights

The laws in the Kingdom of Bahrain protects consumer rights when buying goods or services from local businesses and protects against companies monopoly and commercial fraud.

The laws define the rights and responsibilities of consumers in line with the United Nations charters in this regard. As a consumer you have the right to:

  • Right to health and safety in his normal use of products.
  • Right to obtain accurate data and information about the products purchased, used or provided thereto.
  • Right to free choice of products that fulfil the conditions of quality that conforms to legally approved specifications.
  • Right to obtain knowledge of the protection of his legitimate rights and interests.
  • Right to respect the consumer’s privacy, to maintain his personal information and not to exploit them for other purposes.
  • Right of the consumer to live in a healthy environment.

Consumer Complaints

If you faced any issues or feel you was treated unfairly you can submit a complaint to get help from the related government entity based on the nature of your complaint.

It is appropriate to complain when a seller/retailer does one of the following:

  • Refrains from selling an item or providing an invoice.
  • Is non-compliant with the shop’s selling policy.
  • Uses the statement ‘Goods sold are not refundable or replaced’ in the invoices or any banners in the shop.
  • Forces the purchase of one commodity when buying another; for example, when buying a mobile phone, they insist you need to buy secondary accessories.
  • Declares a different price on the product from the price in the cash register.
  • Adds a fee when buying using a credit card.
  • Applies a service charge in a non-tourist restaurant or coffee shops
  • Offers sales and promotions that are not real or are unlicensed.
  • Uses misleading advertisements.
  • Manipulates the date of production and the expiration of a product.
  • Uses pyramid and networking marketing.
  • Refrains from returning or replacing an item within 15 days from the date of purchase when it has a manufacturing defect, or does not conform with the specifications approved or contracted for.
  • Provides verbal assurances only, and refrains from providing a written and notarized guarantee.
  • Where the provider refuses to offer spare parts or maintenance for the products in compliance with the product's nature. The provider may agree with the consumer, in writing, to a certain period during which such spare parts or maintenance will be delivered.
  • Limits the free flow of products to the market, wholly or partially hides products, stores products improperly, or refrains from dealing with certain products.
  • Holds products for a particular person that are available in the market as a whole or in part.
  • Does not give necessary information or provides misinformation about a particular product.

Submit a Complaint

You may submit a complaint through any of the following communication channels.

  • Retail shops services or products:
  • Telecommunication companies & internet providers services or products:
  • Banks, financial institutions and insurance services or products:
    • You are expected to raise the complaint matter with the concerned financial institutions first. If you are not satisfied with the institution’s complaints procedures then you should contact the Central Bank of Bahrain (‘CBB’).
    • Submit a complaint to Central Bank of Bahrain via Tawasul
    • Or via the online complaint form
  • Health and beauty products:
    • Submit a complaint to the Ministry of Health via Tawasul
  • Electricity and water services:

Consumer Responsibilities

As a consumer you have some responsibilities that if followed can help in protecting your rights and be more aware consumer.

As a consumer you should:

  • look for the specifications of the good you are willing to buy and to assure having enough and correct information about what you are buying.
  • Be aware of your rights in all aspects of consumption.
  • Cooperate with the consumer protection authorities to applying decisions related to consumption awareness.
  • Submit a complaint against any breach of the laws governing the consumption, and to make suggestions of what he sees.


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Content Last Updated: 09 Jul, 2024

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