Customer Feedback

The government of the Kingdom of Bahrain devotes its efforts to hear the voices of its citizens, as all government entities are committed to report how it has benefited from the citizen's voice in creating or improving services or make better decisions.

Citizens contribute to improving the government performance by sharing constructive feedback about government services, and based on the received feedback, the government entity take actions to adjust processes add create new and improved services for the public.

Tawasul system and Tawasul app are used to capture customer feedback through the “Thanks and Appreciation” service which enable customers to acknowledge and appreciate the efforts made by Government Employee(s) or a Government Entity or a Government Service on its performance and outcome in serving members of the community and providing an exceptional service, or showcasing great performance in delivering the required in a way that meets or exceeds expectations.

This service aims to recognize and encourage government employees and entities to continue providing the best quality of services to their beneficiaries and motivate them to improve government customer experience.


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Content Last Updated: 06 Sep, 2023

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