Digital Skills Training

In collaboration with Bahrain Institute Banking of Banking and Finance (BIBF) and Bank of Bahrain & Kuwait, the Information & eGovernment Authorityspecialized program has been developed for building the digital capabilities of Bahraini women in today’s digital world and empowering them with the knowledge needed to use different apps and platforms such as Bahrain advanced eGovernment services, eBanking, online schooling, and ePayments. The program is set to train 100 stay-at-home Bahraini women, making it easier for them to cope with the fast digital transformation the pandemic has imposed.

The Information & eGovernment Authority (iGA) frequently collaborates with local non-government organizations to spread awareness about the digital transformation of government services to all segments of society. iGA collaborated with the Riffa Women Cultural & Charity Society to organize a workshop addressing the society members to raise awareness on how to use the government eServices, mobile apps and channels.


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Content Last Updated: 10 Jul, 2024

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