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Qudurat Training Programme

The Qudurat training programme was created to offer citizens free computer literacy education so that they are empowered to participate in the digital future of the country.

The programme forms part of the Information & eGovernment Authority’s (iGA’s) National eGovernment Strategy and can be accessed online on the National Portal,

Bahraini citizens, starting from age seven, can register for the training sessions, which are conducted by certified training institutes. Classes are conducted at various locations at different times for maximum accessibility.


Bahrain’s Labour Fund, Tamkeen, is a public authority established as one of the cornerstones of Bahrain’s national reform and its Economic Vision 2030. It supports the private sector and reinforces its role as the driver of the national economy. Its core activities include education and training to equip the workforce with the skills required to successfully compete in the labour market.

With over 330 different initiatives, Tamkeen has invested more than US$ 440 million in training and business development and served more than 170,000 Bahraini individuals and businesses to date.

Youth City 2030

Youth City 2030 is a multi-skills development initiative by the Ministry of Youth and Sport Affairs. It is a yearly summer camp that aims to promote innovative ideas and encourage a sense of creativity amongst Bahraini children and youth. The city holds workshops and hands-on training to reinforce talent in areas such as leadership, media, information technology, arts, languages, science and sports.

Technopreneur Bahrain

Bahrain Development Bank (BDB) and the Information & eGovernment Authority (iGA) have launched Technopreneur Bahrain, a holistic development programme which supports the growth of tech-focused entrepreneurs. It offers a comprehensive platform that includes capacity building, coaching, mentorship, funding and other services to develop their ICT concepts into successful commercial business ventures.

Accepted candidates receive coaching and mentoring by CMI UK professional certified coaches and participate in a specialised capacity building programme conducted by a team of professional trainers. They receive access to a network of mentors within the ICT industry, guidance on how to commercialise their ideas, and access to funding from the iGA and BDB to help them start their businesses.

Training and Manpower Development

The Training and Development of Manpower Directorate at the Ministry of Labor help it grow the nation’s workforce in line with the actual requirements of the market. It offers two types of training programmes:

  • Basic skills: These are designed to strengthen skills such as English language, mathematics, and computer literacy. They also offer professional certificates in fields such as accounting, bridging the skills gap and helping candidates seek gainful employment.
  • Professional training programmes: These provide more specialised skills to help rehabilitate jobseekers who are difficult to employ or do not have employment opportunities in their current field of specialisation.

BBK Cares Digital Skills Training Initiative

In association with the Bahrain Institute for Banking and Finance and the Bank of Bahrain and Kuwait (BBK), the iGA supports the BBK Cares digital skills training initiative, which empowers Bahraini women to use eGovernment services through the National Portal and eGovernment mobile applications so that they can support their children’s education from home. The programme was developed in response to the urgent need to cope with the rapid digital transformation brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.


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Content Last Updated: 26 Feb, 2023

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