National Health Information System (I-SEHA program)

I-SEHA Program contributes to improve the delivery of services for patients, increase efficiency and speed of delivery in line with the best internationally recognised practices by offering clinical systems and the requisite cutting-edge ICT infrastructure, along with linking to systems in relation to finance, warehouse and human resources, in addition to coordination with other government entities to achieve integration, avoiding duplication of efforts and costs.

The project provides executives at the Ministry of Health (MOH) with a reliable source of information that can be utilised to develop evidence-based plans and strategies to improve the health system.

The I-SEHA program covers a full range of areas such as: electronic integration to the Information & eGovernment Authority (iGA), patient database, MOH resource database, employee account department, births and deaths, appointments, radiology, drug prescription, primary healthcare, outpatient clinics, pharmacy and distribution of drugs, billing, intensive care, laboratory, surgery, emergency, and more.

The key hallmarks of the I-SEHA program are the application of the electronic unified medical record for all citizens and expatriates. The program includes a comprehensive electronic medical patient data that contains the merits of the case, In addition to treatment history and an access to patient case history and family history. The system enables the physician to speed diagnosis and make better decisions.


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Content Last Updated: 26 Feb, 2023

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