Digital Empowerment in Education

ICT-based School Curriculum

Digital literacy begins early in Bahrain, forming a core part of school curricula. The Supreme Council for the Development of Education and Training outlines national educational strategies and action plans (PDF, 3.5MB, 2 pages, Arabic only) to expose students to technology from the first grade onwards.

Since 2004, all Bahraini schools have been connected to the Internet, offering free internet access to all students and teachers, and incorporating digital tools, both for student learning and also for communicating with and reporting to parents.

His Majesty King Hamad’s project for future schools, which was fully implemented in 2015, builds on this success and aims to equip students with the ICT skills need to keep up with the latest technologies and thrive in a modern workplace

Education Everywhere

The school experience is enhanced through online portals and mobile applications such as EDU NET, the Ministry of Education website and the eGovernment Portal, which make education open and accessible anywhere. They allow students to manage their courses, request transcripts, access exam results and more.

Students and their parents can also communicate directly with the Ministry of Education to offer suggestions, advice and feedback, via the MOE’s eParticipation channels.

Digital Education at Universities

Universities in Bahrain offer world-class programmes for students who wish to specialise in ICT fields, as well as internships, in partnerships with local and international employers, to allow university students to gain real-world experience.

Vocational institutes, such as Bahrain Poytechnic, conduct specialized ICT training programmes that provide a link between formal education and the professional world. Also, eGovernment is being taught to public administration trainees as a part of the National Leadership Programme at the Bahrain Institute of Public Administration (BIPA) as well as being a separate subject in the Ministry of Education Curriculum.


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Content Last Updated: 26 Feb, 2023

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