Digital Identity

  • Law No. (46) of 2006 (PDF, 90.0KB, 3 pages, Arabic only) regarding identity cards.
    Pursuant to this law, the Information & eGovernment Authority (iGA) shall issue and renew ID cards for every Bahraini or resident in the Kingdom of Bahrain, maintain their data and issue replacements according to the prepared application forms, and the authenticity of the card is based on the validity of the data included in it, and the identification of the acts violating the imposition of penalties.
  • Resolution No. (3) of 2008 (PDF, 40.7KB, 2 pages, Arabic only) regarding the provision of additional services for obtaining an ID card and related fees.
    The Central Informatics Organisation provides an express service for issuing the ID card as well as a dedicated center that they can visit to obtain ID cards.
  • Resolution No. (4) of 2010 (PDF, 114KB, 1 pages, Arabic only) amending Resolution No. (3) of 2008 regarding the provision of additional services for obtaining ID cards and related fees
    The decision exempts persons with a permanent physical or mental disability, the invalid and the elderly aged 65 and over, from service center fees if it is not possible for them to visit the ID card center.
  • Resolution No. (16) of 2011 (PDF, 124KB, 2 pages, Arabic only) amending some provisions of Resolution No. (1) of 2007 regarding the executive regulations of Identity Card Law No. (46) of 2006
    The decision excludes the handicapped and those with permanent disabilities which prevent them from taking eye or fingerprint scans, as well as anyone under one year or over 70 years from taking a fingerprint scan issued by a decision by the head of the agency.
  • Resolution No. (1) of 2012 (PDF, 350KB, 3 pages, Arabic only) regarding fees for publications and electronic services fees
    This decision sets the service fees of publications and electronic services provided by the Central Informatics Organisation, according to the sheets accompanying the decision.
  • Resolution No. (2) of 2012 (PDF, 112KB, 1 page, Arabic only) regarding fees for using the electronic portal.
    This decision sets a fee of BD3 for the use of the electronic portal throughout the period of the identity card’s validity.
  • Law No. (2) of 2013 (PDF, 106KB, 1 page, Arabic only) regarding the approval of official ID cards issued by the GCC.
    This law officially adopts the use of smart identity cards, issued by one of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, as proof of its citizens’ identities in all their transactions and uses at governmental and non-governmental entities in the Kingdom of Bahrain.
  • Law No. (60) of 2014 (PDF, 189KB, 10 pages, Arabic only) regarding information technology crimes.
    In line with advances in technology, this law comes as a deterrent to anyone who exploits technology and the Internet to carry out crimes, and serves as protection for Information Technology users. The law stipulates Information Technology crimes and procedures related to fighting it.
  • Prime Minister’s Decision No. (36) of 2018 (PDF, 132KB, 4 pages, Arabic only) regulating technical requirements for sending, receiving and updating electronic records and signatures for public entities
    This decision includes a set of technical requirements that government agencies must observe during electronic transactions, whether from within Bahrain or abroad.
  • Decree No. (54) of 2018 (PDF, 210KB, 20 pages, Arabic only) issuing the Law on Electronic Communications and Transactions.
    This law replaces a repealed law and expands the range of transactions that may be carried out electronically. It also creates an advanced and safe electronic economic environment for internet transactions, in line with current technology and legal trends.
  • Law No. (1) of 2020 (PDF, 23.1MB, 107 pages, Arabic only) approving the accession of the Kingdom of Bahrain to the United Nations Convention on the Use of Electronic Communications in International Contracts.
    The decision approved the Kingdom’s accession to the UN Convention, which was drawn up in New York on November 23, 2005.
  • Decree No. (45) of 2021 (PDF, 81KB, 1 page, Arabic only) naming the administrative authority competent in the Law of Electronic Communications and Transactions issued by Decree No. (54) of 2018.
    This decree named the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) as an administrative body competent in the law of electronic communications and transactions.

Content Last Updated: 27 Aug, 2023

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