Cybersecurity in Bahrain

Cybersecurity Framework in Bahrain

Cyber Security is a fundamental pillar of the national ICT framework in the Kingdom of Bahrain. The Kingdom has a well-defined national cybersecurity framework governed by the General Directorate of Anti-Corruption and Economic and Electronic Security at the Ministry of Interior (MOI) for the cybersecurity in different sectors such as energy, finance, education, health, and other sectors.

Bahrain is committed to protect its interests in cyberspace and created the National Cybersecurity Strategy in order to address the current and rising cyber-threats as well as reduce the associated risks.

The National Cybersecurity Strategy


Establishing a secure cyber-space to safeguard national interests and protect the Kingdom of Bahrain against cyber-threats to reduce risks.


  • Safeguard Critical National Infrastructure (CNI): Protect organizations that provide essential services to the nation such as oil, electricity and water, governmental, and financial services.
  • Respond decisively to cyber-threats: Establish a holistic approach to incidents that face both the public and the private sectors.
  • Establish a legislative and regulatory framework: Develop a cyber-law that follows the international standards on combating cyber-criminals.
  • Develop a vibrant, Cybersecurity ecosystem: Ensure a sustainable source of expertise and solutions to support plans for resilient infrastructure and safer cyberspace.
  • Create a safer cyber-space: Retain citizens trust in online public systems, thus encourage public use of online services.
  • International cooperation: Forge international collaboration to counter cyber-threats, adapt capacity building initiatives, and facilitate exchanges on cyber-laws and regulations.

Cyber Crime Legislations

The government of the Kingdom of Bahrain have issued several laws and legislation related to Cyber Security and Personal Data Protection to support the national Cyber Security framework.

  • Law No. 30 of 2018 regarding Issuing the Protecting Personal Data law
  • Law No. 16 of 2014 regarding the Protection of Information and State Documents
  • Law No. 2 of 2017 for Ratifying the Arab Agreement on Combating IT Crimes
  • Law No. 60 of 2014 regarding IT Crimes
  • Decree-Law No. (54) for the year 2018 for Issuance of Letters and Electronic Transactions
  • Decree of the Prime Minister No. 36 2018 regulating the technical requirements for sending, receiving, and updating the electronic records and signatures of the public bodies .

Cyber Attacks Prevention

The Kingdom of Bahrain is one of the region’s leading countries in developing ICT infrastructure that raises the expectations of cyber threats.

Several initiatives, programs and projects are aimed to address these risks in order to improve the readiness and information security in government entities and Bahrain in general.

  • Cyber Trust Program: Trust program is competitive in its nature and aims towards raising the level of Information Security through governance and supporting the technical aspects to achieve regional and global leadership and the sustainability of a reliable governmental electronic environment for government agencies.
  • Cyber Hawks: The "Cyber Hawks" is an initiative that gathers a group of cybersecurity specialists from various governmental entities in Bahrain; aiming continuous communication and cooperation on cybersecurity issues and to discover & mitigate any cybersecurity threats.
  • Threat Advisory Service: Threat advisory is a document delivered by the Bahrain Government CERT team to provide customers with details about new malware and threats with recommendations. The document is supported with infographics to clarify and summarize threat details.
  • SafeSurf Bahrain: an initiative by the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority dedicated to empowering the citizens and residents of Bahrain and their families with knowledge and information for a safer cyber environment.

Report a Cyber Crime

You can report any cyber crime to the General Directorate of Anti-Corruption and Economic and Electronic Security at the Ministry of Interior (MOI) by calling 992 or fill the online report form.



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Content Last Updated: 26 Feb, 2023

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