• Law No. (27) of 2005 (PDF, 146KB, 4 pages, Arabic only) regarding education.
    This law is related to education, one of the rights guaranteed by the Kingdom to all citizens. It covers its most important objectives and principles, the bodies responsible for the educational system and its most important tasks, the ages where education is compulsory, the penalty for depriving children of their right to education, the role of the ministry in eliminating illiteracy, the most important basic materials for education, and the number of school days.
  • Law No. (17) of 2015 (PDF, 637KB, 8 pages) regarding protection from domestic violence.
    To preserve and protect the entity of the family, the Family Counseling Department at the Ministry of Social Development or the centers licensed by the Ministry will provide family counseling services and awareness on violence, and take the necessary measures to reduce family violence, in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, by developing curricula that promote a culture that rejects domestic violence.
  • Resolution No. (99) of 2017 (PDF, 152KB, 9 pages, Arabic only) regulating student discipline at all academic levels in public and private schools.
    This decision covers the regulation’s defined application and scope, and highlights its objectives and specialisations, in addition to the controls that must be taken into account when considering violations and determining treatments. This includes the formation of a Student Discipline Committee, the method of referrals to the committee, the mechanism of reservation on articles related to violations, violations that constitute a suspected crime, compensation for damages resulting from the violation, the authority that is competent in approving the recommendations of the committee, the right to grievances, and the study of students' cases by the Center for Psychological and Academic Advising.

Content Last Updated: 27 Aug, 2023

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