Public Prosecution

The Public Prosecution initiates criminal cases at courts and has the right to appeal rulings. It exercises its jurisdiction in relation to criminal cases as a representative of the public and its interests. Its litigation activities are impartial. It also adheres to the law in the implementation of criminal sentences and the supervision of correctional institutions. The Public Prosecution is independent, as its members are not subject to dismissal, and their work is subject to the administrative and judicial supervision of the Public Prosecutor. They all follow the Supreme Judicial Council (Arabic only), of which the Public Prosecutor is a member.

The Public Prosecution’s structure includes partial and specialised prosecutions related to families and children, financial crimes and money laundering, terrorist crimes, execution prosecution, general prosecutions, and appeals. It also includes the Judicial Inspection function and specialised offices, such as an Attorney General’s technical office, an international cooperation office, and a victims and witnesses protection office.


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Content Last Updated: 22 Aug, 2023

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