Data Interoperability

  • Decree No. (56) of 2018 (PDF, 109KB, 4 pages, Arabic only) regarding the provision of cloud computing services to foreign parties.
    This law aims to establish a legal framework that encourages foreign parties to use cloud computing services through data centers and invest in services.
  • The National Framework for Institutional Structures
    The National Enterprise Architecture (NEA) is a customised version of the Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF), which was developed to ensure successful implementation of Enterprise Architecture within the Kingdom. NEA defines foundational architectures for Business, Data, Applications and Technology for government entities, along with a set of principles, policies and standards, governed by the national ICT Governance Committee (ICTGC).
  • Cloud First policy (PDF, 444KB, 11 pages)
    This policy sets general guidelines for cloud computing for the government and other agencies, which are to be taken into consideration when adopting cloud computing solutions as an essential part of IT plans and operations.

Content Last Updated: 26 Feb, 2023

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