People of Determination

Dedicated to providing equal opportunities of different segments of the society and providing a decent life for all, Bahrain preserves the right of people with special needs as equal members of society. The Kingdom values the role they play as contributors to society and in supporting Sustainable Development Goals efforts.

Bahrain is committed to providing support and care for people with special needs. The government has established various programs and initiatives to ensure that people with disabilities are included in all aspects of life. These include educational programs, employment opportunities, access to healthcare services, and more. Additionally, the government has also implemented a range of financial assistance programs for those with special needs. These initiatives have helped Bahrain become one of the most inclusive countries in the world for people with disabilities.

The Ministry of Social Development also provides a bundle of free of charge services (Disabled People Services) which include: access to physiotherapy services, vocational rehabilitation, academic rehabilitation, day care (rehabilitative classes), sheltered care, and intermittent care.

Multiple public and private sectors have set initiatives and community partnerships with people of determination, visit the following page to view the projects.

National Strategy for Persons with Disabilities

The Kingdom of Bahrain is currently working on a new executive plan for the 2023-2027 strategy, which is a comprehensive vision and integrated framework and a national declaration and commitment to empowering this group and integrating into Bahraini society.

Through the coordinated the efforts of all government, private, and civil institutions, the strategy aims to build an inclusive Bahraini society, where persons with disabilities can exercise their rights fairly and equally.

This is achieved by building the capacities of these individuals and activating the roles of their families and institutions, and all stakeholders involved in providing services to them.

The strategy follows a human rights approach that is grounded in the principles outlined in the United Nations Charter, international covenants, and specialized agreements, particularly the International Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. The strategy also aligns with Sustainable Development Goal 10, which focuses on reducing inequalities.


The Kingdom’s National Strategy for Persons with Disabilities (PDF, 11,308 KB, 142 Pages, Arabic only) includes guidelines and plans covering the government sector, civil society institutions, companies, private institutions, the teaching and legal professions, and society as a whole. 

The strategy obligates civil society to adopt practices that guarantee the dignified and respectful treatment of people with disabilities, ensuring that they remain an essential part of society. The state protects their human rights by removing barriers to equality and eliminating all forms of discrimination.

Legislations Related to People with Disabilities

A Higher Committee for Persons with Disabilities was formed in accordance with the Law on Persons with Disabilities in Bahrain. It is headed by the Minister of Social Development, with the membership of senior officials from the Government, civil society, and the private sector. Several laws and official decisions have been issued, which reaffirm the government's commitment.

The Ministry of Social Development is the government entity responsible for matters related to people with disabilities. It coordinates with the public and private sectors to facilitate access to services such as social allowances, transportation, including public transport, public utilities, health care, education, rehabilitation, career development, sports, and more.

Most Government entities and civil society institutions offer people with disabilities special care, providing them with social support, healthcare, and cultural activities, in addition to training and rehabilitation, and helping them to become more integrated into society and the labour market.

Government and Private Sector Initiatives for People with Disabilities

The Government has implemented several initiatives, in coordination with private agencies, to support people with disabilities, including, but not limited to:

  • A Ministry of Interior initiative to launch a visual service for people with disabilities as part of its emergency services, and equipping it with features, such as sign language.
  • A Ministry of Education initiative to integrate students with disabilities into public schools.
  • Equipping public parks, ministries, commercial centres, airports, hotels, and mosques to accommodate persons with disabilities.
  • Ministries, banks, and commercial centres’ assistance with daily transactions, including the provision of wheelchairs at all the Kingdom’s service centres.
  • An initiative to support people with disabilities in sports under the patronage of the Bahrain Olympic Committee and the Bahrain Sports Federation for Disabilities.
  • A Supreme Council for Youth and Sports initiative to support and integrate people with disabilities into activities and sports such as equestrianism, horse racing, football, and others.

Benefits Offered by the Kingdom of Bahrain to Citizens with Disabilities

  • Free care, rehabilitation, treatment, and education.
  • Permanent and temporary residential care and daycare.
  • Financial support.
  • Academic and professional qualifications.
  • Prosthetic devices and hearing aids according to specified requirements and regulations.
  • Special privileges to holders of ID cards issued for people with disabilities.
  • Free driving lessons.
  • Two hours of rest for employees with disabilities or for those who take care of persons with disabilities.
  • Assessment and diagnosis, issuance of approved medical reports, and individual treatment plans.
  • Physical, occupational, speech, and language therapy.
  • Quality services for holders of the new national ID.


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Content Last Updated: 06 Aug, 2023

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