eServices Inclusive-by-design

The citizens & residents engagement in the creation and the design of the eServices and systems is an important step of the development of each government services, which is an important stage in the implementation and monitoring of the National eGovernment Strategy.

All eServices are provided in the many digital channels to ease the experience of the users and to make sure that everyone is included an no one is left behind in benefiting from eServices. The National eGovernment Strategy initiatives are directly linked to both the eParticipation policy and to the Human Rights to make sure that all constituents have access to all the eServices and systems developed by the government, which are designed to be easy to use by all people including all vulnerable groups such as the elderly, youth, and people with disabilities.

Uninterrupted government services

And as part of the Kingdom’s huge efforts to ensure that the government services provided to the citizens are not interrupted, in April 2023 and as approved by the Ministerial Committee the Kingdom published the “Backup Policy” (PDF, 320KB, 8 pages) to ensure that backup copies of critical business data, are taken regularly in a secure and reliable manner such that it is available for restoration of business operations when needed in the event of data loss, disasters, or system failures.


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Content Last Updated: 06 Sep, 2023

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