Security & Protection

  • Law No. (18) of 2017 (PDF, 128KB, 7 pages) regarding penalties and alternative measures.
    This law aims to introduce contemporary criminal policy systems as alternatives to ones that deprive individuals of freedom. It contributes to the reform and rehabilitation process, and takes into consideration the personal or health conditions of the offender and the nature of the crime.
  • Law No. (58) of 2006 (PDF, 467KB, 12 pages) regarding the protection of society from terrorist acts.
    This law determines the appropriate punishments for terrorist acts.
  • Law No. (35) of 2012 (PDF, 171KB, 10 pages) regarding consumer protection.
    This law protects consumers in the Bahraini market, regulating consumer rights and supplier duties, the powers assigned to Consumer Protection Services, and controls on commercial competition.
  • Minister of Industry and Commerce Decision No. 66 of 2014 (PDF, 234KB, 17 pages, Arabic only) to implement executive regulations for Law No. (35) of 2012 regarding consumer protection.
    Implements consumer protection provisions by specifying the supplier's obligations, submitting complaints and procedures for examining them, violations, and determining competition and monopoly controls and the forms of their breach.
  • Law No. (17) of 2015 (PDF, 117KB, 6 pages, Arabic only) regarding protection from domestic violence.
    The Family Counseling Department at the Ministry of Social Development, or centers licensed by the Ministry, develop educational curricula that promote a culture that rejects domestic violence. This important work is done in cooperation with the Ministry of Education.
  • Law No. (30) of 2018 (PDF, 330KB, 55 pages) issuing the Personal Data Protection Law.
    This law includes provisions on fully and partly automated data processing, its legality and general rules, provisions for the transfer of personal data abroad, and the establishment and organization of the responsible authority.
  • Decree No. (4) of 2001 (PDF, 196KB, 14 pages) regarding the prohibition and combating of money laundering.
    This decree determines the nature of money laundering crimes, crimes associated with it, punishments for these crimes, the competencies of the committee to set policies for the prohibition and combating of money laundering, the role of institutions and their obligations, the procedures of the unit implemented in the investigation, the confidentiality of assistance, requests for assistance, and the exchange of information with a foreign country.
  • Decree No. (29) of 2020 (PDF, 137KB, 7 pages, Arabic only) amending some provisions of Decree No. (4) of 2001 regarding prohibiting and combating money laundering and terrorist financing.

Content Last Updated: 27 Aug, 2023

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