The National Real Estate Databank (Aqari)

The first of its kind in the region, the National Real Estate Databank (Aqari) is a unified national electronic system for Bahraini real estate information. It enhances the Kingdom’s real estate information infrastructure, providing up-to-date, accurate, transparent, and reliable information to developers, investors, industry professionals, and decision-makers, and helping them to make sound decisions based on official sources. It also aims to foster a positive environment for investment in innovative real estate projects and boost investor confidence.

Aqari contains a comprehensive, accurate, and reliable database of information that accurately reflects the Kingdom’s real estate sector. Employing artificial intelligence and real estate technology, it utilizes AWS Cloud Computing technology. Aqari adheres to standardized criteria for classifying real estate information, and facilitating its exchange, integration, and consistency. It will also help improve Bahrain’s real estate information infrastructure by providing accurate real estate market performance data, and indicators of future trends. Aqari is a major advancement for the Kingdom’s real estate sector, helping to position it as a regional hub for real estate innovation.

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Content Last Updated: 26 Dec, 2023

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