Real Estate

To protect the interests of investors, consumers, and stakeholders, the Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) prepares and implements a national regulatory plan that includes a public strategy and policy, collection and analysis of data and statistics, and other initiatives that enhance the market. It also offers services for investors, consumers and other stakeholders, including developers, mediators, sales agents, and appraisers. It promotes professional ethics in the real estate sector, which improves confidence in the local economy, helps attract foreign investment and ensures that the sector is performing in accordance with the highest international standards and practices.

Real estate developers and sub-developers must acquire a developer license from RERA before commencing sales on blueprints or using them for advertising. Sales agents must acquire a professional license to sell properties and must appoint a real estate mediator licensed by RERA.

Buying Property

As of 2001, citizens, residents and foreign investors can buy property in the Kingdom of Bahrain, as per Prime Minister Decision No. (43) of 2003 regarding non-Bahrainis’ ownership of built properties and lands (Arabic only). The decision, implemented in 2003, states that foreign buyers can purchase specific types of property in select areas of the Kingdom.

Buying property in the Kingdom is similar to purchasing procedures in the rest of the world. Investors are advised to seek independent legal counsel throughout the buying process. The Kingdom’s legal ownership laws are advanced, protecting the buyer through dedicated licenses, as well as ownership and title deeds transferred to the owner.


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Content Last Updated: 04 Jun, 2023

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