Retail Shops

Retail Shops Responsibilities

Retail shop you have the following responsibilities towards consumers:

  • Comply with the laws, regulations and technical requirements or any other requirements concerning the product
  • Display accurate information of business identity on all correspondents, documents and instruments issued by the business
  • Advertise the product’s price, and indicate the warranty period
  • provide the consumer with accurate information about the nature and features of the product
  • In case of defect or damaged product the retail shop shall replace or return the product with refund of the value without any additional cost at the consumer’s request.
  • Replace the product or service at the consumer’s request if it's within the contract terms.
  • Provide a clear policy for products exchange and return.
  • Retail shops do not have the right to sell any commodity or product to consumer for a price higher than the announced price as this action is considered a violation.

You can learn more about retail shops responsibilities by viewing the consumer protection law or visit the Ministry of Industry and Commerce website.

eStores and Selling Online

  • Business must issue the required licenses from the authorities before stating to sell online.
  • All eStores operating in the Kingdom of Bahrain must provide business contact information and display the Commercial Registration number on the eStore.
  • should have a clear policy for exchange and return and data protection
  • Provide an exchange & return policy and, terms of use, and user data protection policy

The Virtual Mall (

The kingdom's first virtual mall was launched in April 2020 in response in response to Covid-19 market disruptions the pandemic which presented an opportunity for local enterprises to do business online.

This latest digital offering from the government of Bahrain provided a national platform for companies operating in Bahrain to create an eStore or register their existing one with the platform.


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Content Last Updated: 26 Feb, 2023

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