Birth Certificate Services

Birth Certificate Services

Congratulations on the birth of your child!

After welcoming your newborn to the world, it is important to ensure they have all the right documentation to begin their life, starting with a birth certificate. A birth certificate is a legal document that records a person’s birth and is used to verify their identity.

Hospitals in the Kingdom report births and issue personal numbers incorporation with the Information & eGovernment Authority so that parents can complete the birth certificate and identity card issuance process online through the national portal, You can also apply for the certificate through eGovernment kiosks located at government maternity hospitals.

However, personal attendance to the Civil Status Unit by relatives is required for certificate issuances in certain cases, including when the birth occurred outside the Kingdom of Bahrain.

In this instance, the relative must bring an original birth certificate, attested by the country in which the birth took place, along with copies of the parents’ passports or identity cards, a copy of the marriage contract (Bahraini) and a copy of the passport or identity card of the applicant.

Replacement of Birth Certificate

Birth certificates may be required to carry out a range of government transactions. Although losing or damaging these important documents can be frustrating, getting hold of a replacement is simple for individuals born on 1994 and later via the national portal simply click “Replacement of Birth Certificate” service and follow the required steps.

Personal attendance is required for the issuance of birth certificates for individuals born before 1994.

Birth and Death Certificate Registration Procedures

To view the procedures and documents required in different cases of birth, please visit the Birth and Death Certificate Registration & Issuance Procedures.


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Content Last Updated: 04 Jul, 2023

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