Construction in various areas of the Kingdom is subject to the provisions of Decision No. (27) of 2005 specifying the regulatory requirements for urbanization (Arabic only). Municipal Affairs implements the provisions of this resolution.


This online system allows for the issuance of building permits for all types of projects in the Kingdom, whether they are for investment, residential, industrial, commercial, or other purposes. It enables licensed engineering offices to submit building permit applications and enquire about their statuses, acquire consultation services from government entities specialized in building permits, pay building permit fees and conduct other related transactions. Benayat streamlines the process for applicants, allowing them to receive all the information they need to prepare the documentation, schematics and blueprints that are required when submitting applications. All requirements and legislations related to building permits are available online on (Unified Guidebook of Building Permit Regulations) and via an interactive map of the Kingdom that details the requirements for each plot.

To have the required documents prepared, property owners must enter into a contract with an engineering office licensed by the Council for Regulating the Practice of Engineering Professions (CRPEP). The engineering office must submit the required applications on behalf of the property owner in order for a building permit to be issued.

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Content Last Updated: 07 Jun, 2023

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