The National Initiative for Agricultural Development (NIAD)

The National Initiative for Agricultural Development (NIAD) was launched to achieve a continuous renaissance of the agricultural sector, in which all concerned authorities in the Kingdom participate, and all existing efforts are combined in it to restore the prosperity of the agricultural sector and develop plans to achieve this strategic goal.

The initiative addresses the challenges faced by the agricultural sector in the Kingdom, such as water scarcity, land scarcity, and relying on traditional farming. The initiative provides appropriate solutions to these challenges by uniting the efforts of the concerned authorities and using modern technologies in agriculture while providing the necessary funding, training, and qualification for local farmers.

NIAD is also working on projects that contribute to supporting agricultural workers, increasing the green area, supporting agricultural manufacturing industries, and spreading awareness of agricultural culture through education and training to build specialized national capacities in this field.

Farmers Market

To develop the agricultural sector in Bahrain the Farmers Market initiative was launched by NIAD and organized annually at the Budaiya Botanical Gardens, and was followed by the launch of a permanent market for farmers as a qualitative platform to encourage and promote local products. The market aims to promote local agricultural products and highlight the development achieved by the Bahraini agricultural sector to increase business opportunities for its workers.

Promoting Agricultural Awareness

NIAD provide continuous training programs and specialized agricultural workshops and courses for the public featuring speakers and experts from inside and outside the Kingdom of Bahrain.

For more information about NIAD’s project and achievements, please visit the National Initiative for Agricultural Development website


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Content Last Updated: 27 Aug, 2023

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