Renewable Energy

The Kingdom of Bahrain, through the Electricity and Water Authority, provides support for renewable energy projects. It also offers a financing program through financing banks to enable individuals and investors to start renewable energy projects.

The solar energy project at the Medical University of Bahrain has benefited from the support provided by the Kingdom for renewable energy projects, and the project achieves 65% of the annual electrical energy needed by the university.

Tamkeen also provides a financing plan to enable institutions wishing to obtain financing for the purchase and installation of solar panels to generate energy, in addition to subsidizing the cost of auditing solar energy accounts.

Initiatives and projects to improve energy efficiency:

  • Developing a control program on non-biodegradable plastic bags and working on implementing a project to prevent their use.
  • Installing solar energy systems on the roofs of 8 public schools.
  • Establishment of factories for solar panels.
  • Developing a system of renewable energy certificates to monitor the amount of energy produced by an electronic platform affiliated with the Sustainable Energy Authority.
  • Developing a national strategy to integrate electric vehicles into the mobility system in Bahrain.
  • Project of installing solar energy systems at the Bahrain International Circuit.
  • An initiative to connect government buildings to the central cooling network.
  • Relying on solar energy for lighting parks, coasts and stadiums.
  • A project to install solar energy systems on the fourth bridge to be built to link Muharraq Island with Manama.

Use of Wind Energy

The Bahrain World Trade Center was established in the heart of the capital, Manama, consisting of two identical and opposite towers, with a height of 787 feet, as the first building in the Kingdom of Bahrain to use windmill technology to generate 1200 megawatts of electric power units, with a capacity sufficient to supply 15% of the electrical energy for the two towers. The building is committed in its design to protection and sustainability environment and reduce carbon by using technology.


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Content Last Updated: 27 Aug, 2023

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