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The King Hamad Youth Empowerment Award to Achieve the SDGs

Stemming from his belief in the importance of the youth’s role in achieving sustainable development goals, HM King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa launched the King Hamad Youth Empowerment Award to Achieve the SDGs. The first of its kind globally, it urges countries, public and private bodies, and civil society to empower the youth, so they become the main route through which to achieve these goals and help unite international efforts into a collective.

The award expresses HM the King’s faith in the ability of the youth to lead their countries and the world towards a future of peace and prosperity for all people on a healthy and sustainable planet.

Prince Khalifa Bin Salman Award for Sustainable Development

The Prince Khalifa bin Salman Award for Sustainable Development recognizes efforts and contributions towards serving humanity and promoting global peace and security and achieving the SDGs. The award’s objectives have turned into an annual platform that connects individuals globally involved in these efforts and has received praise from various regional and international institutions.

HRH Princess Sabeeka Bint Ibrahim Al Khalifa Award for Bahraini Women Advancement

Stemming from HM King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa’s support for the advancement of Bahraini women, Royal Decree No. (5) of 2004 was issued to establish the HRH Princess Sabeeka bint Ibrahim Al Khalifa Award for Bahraini Women Empowerment. Every two years, the award goes to ministries and governmental and private entities which excelled in their support and empowerment of working Bahraini women.

In 2019, a royal decree changed the name of the award to the HRH Princess Sabeeka bint Ibrahim Al Khalifa Award Bahraini Women Advancement (Arabic only). New categories were added:

  • Public sector (ministries and official institutions)
  • Private sector
  • Civil society organizations
  • Individuals

This is to support and encourage policies that incentivize gender balance programs and support the advancement of women to help them occupy decision-making positions. In addition, it helps in creating a supportive environment for integrating women's needs and gender balance into the workplaces of official institutions, the private sector and civil society, without neglecting to highlight individual initiatives. The award is an affirmation that the Kingdom of Bahrain is committed to creating balanced partnerships between men and women in society.


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Content Last Updated: 26 Feb, 2023

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