The freedom to practice religious rites and ceremonies

The Kingdom of Bahrain places great importance on laying the foundations of state citizenship, social justice, and the promotion of human rights and fundamental freedoms regardless of gender, origin, religion, or sect. It also promotes the values of tolerance and peaceful coexistence and rejects divisive conflicts and religious or racial hatred. It encourages dialogue between different religions and civilizations, setting an example for the world in preserving rights, tolerance, and religious and ethnic coexistence.

The Kingdom of Bahrain has a unique experience when it comes to religious freedoms, allowing religious celebrations and practice of rites for all religions and sects. This spirit of coexistence was and remains prevalent among Bahrainis, as proven by the different types of people who have lived in the Kingdom throughout history. The world, with the bloody conflicts and acts of violence it regularly witnesses, is in need of adopting the Bahraini model, which has created harmony among its diverse demographic, promoting the values of love and peaceful coexistence.

The Kingdom promotes the values and principles of religious tolerance, national unity, and peaceful coexistence through various media and religious platforms. It also implements several educational and awareness raising initiatives and programmes that support the values of pluralism and the convergence of cultures and civilizations, as well as criminalising incitement to hate, sectarianism, violence, and terrorism of all kinds.

The Kingdom ensures individuals of different religions and sects the freedom to practice their rites and ceremonies without governmental restrictions. Bahrain has the highest percentage of mosques in the world in relation to its population and area. It also has more than 19 churches and a synagogue in the centre of Manama that was built in 1930, as well as many places of worship belonging to other faiths. Everyone practices their religious ceremonies in line with a spirit of coexistence between religions, sects, civilizations, and cultures.


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Content Last Updated: 26 Feb, 2023

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