Mawaeed: Saves you time and streamlines your transactions

Implemented by the Ministry of Interior

The Ministry of Interior has long held a key position in the Kingdom through its police force, as the entity that promptly serves, protects, and advocates for the safety of citizens and residents. The Kingdom of Bahrain, represented by the Ministry of Interior, takes the utmost responsibility and care in following the motto, "police in the service of the people"

Mawaeed: Saves you time and streamlines your transactions ( Video, 0 minutes 47 seconds, Arabic only)

Prioritizing customer service enhancement

The Ministry of Interior consistently places the development of customer service processes at the forefront of its priorities. This is evident by its commendable performance, affirming the ministry's dedication to protecting human rights, ensuring community security, and actively managing and monitoring cases. Handling and following up on cases with active interest is a fundamental goal adopted by the ministry, shaping its practices, and evolving through the incorporation of the latest technologies to enhance efficiency and quality.

Mawaeed: streamlining customer experience

In line with this commitment, the Ministry of Interior introduced the Mawaeed service through its affiliated service centers, providing services to customers requiring personal attendance. The service philosophy revolves around establishing a pre-booking electronic system that regulates appointments and organizes waiting process within the centers.

Design methodology and implementation guidelines

To ensure the quality and success of the process, the design methodology primarily focuses on monitoring essential data. This includes listing the centers, preparing data and files related to customer relationships, conducting a transparent and objective self-assessment, and closely monitoring customer satisfaction through continuous feedback on performance, organization, and service quality.

Comprehensive and organized implementation methodology

The implementation methodology covers several operational and organizational aspects, such as:

  • Logging in using the customer's personal number is a prerequisite to completing the registration process in the system, aiming to ensure the customer's identity and track their records.
  • Registration in the system is open to customers aged 17 and above, ensuring prevention of manipulation of appointments by certain age groups.
  • Providing the SMS feature for electronic tickets instead of paper tickets.
  • Adopting a mechanism to block appointment reservations for users who consistently cancel tickets and do not attend for more than three consecutive times in a week. The cancellation process is automated by the electronic system to avoid appointment wastage, ensuring availability for other customers.
  • Providing an informational interface in the system to disseminate awareness and advertisements regarding decisions, procedures, and explanations related to the service centers. This is aimed at keeping the customer constantly informed of the details of communication methods and responses to any inquiries.
  • Adding flexibility to the customer experience by helping them with scheduling or canceling appointments within a one-week time frame.
  • Following a precise methodology in measuring the impact on customers through continuous monitoring of their opinions, obtaining their evaluation, and collecting their feedback.

Positive impact and success indicators

Through monitoring and measuring the impact of implementing the practice, the Ministry of Interior identified several positive points, including: 

  • A notable drop in the number of complaints regarding the appointment service through Tawasul.
  • Streamlining operations within the service center by organizing appointments for visitors, effectively reducing customer wait times. Continuous supervision is maintained by the center supervisor to oversee visitor arrivals and transaction processing times.
  • Enhancing service quality and speed through ongoing monitoring of feedback from beneficiaries. They promptly receive an electronic notification prompting them to evaluate the service upon its completion.
  • Improving employee performance efficiency and reducing operational costs.

Supervisory performance and recognition

This practice has earned numerous awards for various divisions of the Ministry of Interior. The Ministry expresses its gratitude to all its divisions for the successes they achieved in raising customer satisfaction rates and integrating advanced technologies into operations.
The awards won by the Ministry in customer service include:
Gold category - Nationality, Passports, and Residency Affairs (100% compliance).
Gold category - Nationality, Passports, and Residency Affairs (Isa Town branch).
Gold category - Customs Affairs (Maritime port, 100% compliance).
The success of this service is credited to Success Makers at the Ministry, represented by the Information Technology team, including the Assistant Undersecretary for Human Resources, the Assistant Undersecretary for Planning and Organization, and the Customer Service Centers branch.

Customer satisfaction first

Building on this success, the Ministry of Interior emphasizes the importance of focusing on satisfying the customer and plans to replicate the practice at other centers. Collaboration with the iGA will result in continued upgrades to the current Mawaeed system, with the aim of standardizing all service centers in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Content Last Updated: 25 Feb, 2024

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