The Right to Access Digital Government Services

Digital Government as a Right

The Kingdom of Bahrain’s Digital Government as a Right policy (PDF, 352KB, 15 pages) aims to create the right environment for the public sector to develop the use of digital technologies towards a more open, transparent, innovative and open government and strengthen digital governance framework and build capabilities to deliver digital services catering to the needs and expectations of the public.

The policy has a set of guidelines and procedures that must be followed by government entities to ensure the adoption of Digital Government as a Right.

For more details view the Digital Government Policies document (PDF, 352KB, 15 pages).

To guarantee every resident and user the right to access digital services, the government has taken the following initiatives:

Free Access to the Internet

Users can access free Wi-Fi in public places such as malls, traditional markets and government service centres to ensure that they can use government services. Joint efforts with private sector telecom operators have also ensured free access to the most commonly used electronic government services.

Enhanced Network Infrastructure

Bahrain was one of the first countries globally to invest in the rollout of the latest commercial 5G services to ensure high quality and high-speed Internet services across the Kingdom.

Improve Digital Literacy

For users unfamiliar with technology, the government provides digital training through government service centres and in partnership with private sector entities. This empowers users to confidently and comfortably access the government services they require.

Efforts to improve the digital literacy coupled with the strong network infrastructure and free access to Wi-Fi has enabled migrant workers to communicate with their families through video calls and remit their savings instantly to their home countries.

Assisted Digital Approach

Users who cannot access digital services due to a lack of Internet access, a device or Internet skills can visit a government service centre where they will be assisted.

Raise Awareness About eServices

As the list of digital services provided continues to expand, the government takes the responsibility of informing citizens and residents about the availability of new services. The government’s comprehensive awareness campaign encompasses communication channels such as digital marketing (including social media posts, paid social media advertisements, paid online ads placed on local news agencies and international websites), targeted email marketing, targeted SMS marketing, booklets, flyers, roadshows and more.

For more information please visit Bahrain Digital Government Journey


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Content Last Updated: 26 Feb, 2023

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