Government Plan

Government Plan (2023 – 2026)

The Government Plan (2023-2026) (Arabic) was developed under the directives of His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa and inspired by the National Action Charter, the Constitution of the Kingdom of Bahrain, and Bahrain Economic Vision 2030.

The methodology of the Government Plan is based on establishing principles of sustainability, competitiveness, and justice to implement all development programs according to the highest standards in all national work paths, enhance Bahrain's position in leadership and innovation in all fields, continue working as one team (Team Bahrain) under the slogan "Love Challenge and Passion for Achievement," in cooperation between the executive and legislative authorities, and by continuing to strengthen partnerships with the private sector.

It includes orientations that help achieve citizens' aspirations, enhance development goals, improve the sustainability and quality of services, employ modern technologies in various fields, protect the environment and sustain natural resources, and drive development across all sectors.

The Program also focuses on achieving four priorities from which several objectives emerge that the government of Bahrain seeks to implement towards further goodness, development, and prosperity. In addition to adopting programs and policies aimed at raising citizens' income levels and improving their living standards:

Government Program Priorities:

  • Raising citizens' living standards while ensuring their gains.
  • Justice, security, and stability.
  • Economic recovery and sustainable development.
  • Quality and competitive government service.

The Government Program (2023-2026) includes six axes:

  1.  Raising living standards.
  2. Sovereignty and legislative.
  3. Infrastructure and environment.
  4. Economic recovery and financial sustainability.
  5. Community services.
  6. Government performance and digital transformation.

The program was prepared with contributions from officials in various government sectors who participated in workshops titled "Future Aspirations" to ensure that the program fully reflects the effective team’s participation in its preparation and implementation.

Government Plan (2015-2018)

The Government Plan reflects the strategic priorities of the Bahraini government with a focus on delivering sustainable change in line with the reform project of His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, King of Bahrain. Built upon the principles of Sustainability, Transparency, Justice, and Competitiveness, the Government Action Plan aim at capitalizing on the Kingdom’s resources and capabilities to meet the needs of all Bahrainis.

Bahrain’s Council of Representatives has been granted the full authority to review and approve the four-year plan including the overall development agenda, fiscal budget, and yearly closing accounts. Although the governance system in Bahrain is remarked with the separation of legislative, executive and judicial authorities, the Kingdom is blessed with cooperative relationship between the legislative and executive branches to build a better future for Bahrain. The full authority given to the Council of Representative is one of the main outcomes of the National Dialogue and the Constitutional Amendments in 2012.

The Council suggested 52 recommendations, which have been approved by the Bahrain government subsequently and incorporated into the Government Action Plan.

The Government Plan's (2015-2018) strategic priorities focused on six pillars:


  • Strengthening security and stability
  • Enhancing the democratic system institutions
  • Building strong external relations with countries

Economy and Finance

  • Establishing diverse and robust economy
  • Maintaining stable financial and monetary system
  • Planning strategic programs
  • Allocating resources efficiently

Human Development and Social Services

  • Delivery of high-quality services that ensure decent living standards for all Bahrainis and enabling them to participate in the Kingdom's development agenda
  • Sustaining long-term efforts to support the advancement of education, healthcare, housing, social welfare, and labor market regulation


  • Meeting the current and future needs of all Bahrainis by providing high quality and safe infrastructure that helps achieve sustainable economic growth

Environment and Urban Development

  • Ensuring the sustainable management of strategic resources in line with international standards to maintain a healthy environment for all.

Government performance

  • Enhancing the effectiveness and efficiency of Government performance
  • Enhancing communication to increase the productivity of the public sector

The achievements of the Government plan (2015 – 2018) are as follows:

  • 90% average project implementation rate under the Government Action Plan until November 2018.
  • 748 projects were monitored through the electronic system.
  • 440 vital projects at the national level.
  • 308 administrative projects implemented at the ministerial level.
  • 321 completed national projects.
  • 73% completion rate of national projects.
  • 27% of projects are in progress.


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