Freedom of the press and media

Freedom of opinion and expression, freedom of the press, participation in social media, and the laws that protect it.

Bahrain ensures freedom of opinion and expression, freedom of the press, and participation in social media, and offers the latest communications technologies, including high speed Internet for all, strengthening its advanced position both regionally and globally.

The Kingdom has made great strides in ensuring freedom of opinion and expression, and freedom of the press in accordance with its constitutional and legal frameworks. Decree No. (47) of 2002 (PDF, 734KB, 24 pages, Arabic only) regulates the press, printing, and publishing. According to the new Penal Code (Arabic only), subjecting journalists to a trial has been abolished, as the new law removed all articles that previously allowed it. The pretrial detention of journalists pending investigation was also abolished permanently as stipulated in the Press Law. The word “discipline” has been replaced with the word “accountability” in all articles of the Law. These efforts demonstrate the Kingdom's firm belief in freedom of opinion and expression as a key element of advanced societies.


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Content Last Updated: 27 Aug, 2023

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