By providing access to cutting-edge technology, comprehensive career guidance, and valuable mentorship, Bahrain fosters the development of essential skills and knowledge among its young population. 

A dynamic institution committed to empowering and uplifting the nation's young citizens, the Ministry of Youth Affairs plays a pivotal role in coordinating and implementing youth-centric programs and initiatives aimed at fostering their personal and professional growth. By providing diverse opportunities for skill-building, leadership training, and entrepreneurship, the Ministry ensures that Bahrain’s youth are equipped with the tools they need to thrive in a rapidly evolving world. 

One of the Ministry’s most notable initiatives is Youth City 2030, which aims to refine and help shape the talents of young people, as well as giving them excellent training opportunities to further qualify them and unlock their creative energies. The city has become one of the most important training projects for young people, helping to raise their level of skills and contribute to creating a generation of Bahrainis qualified to participate effectively in the overall development of the Kingdom. 

In its pursuit of progress, the Kingdom has undertaken significant initiatives to integrate young Bahrainis into the decision-making processes. Notably, programs such as Al Mustashar, Lamea, and Bader have been established to ensure that the voices and perspectives of the youth are acknowledged and taken into account when formulating policies and devising innovative solutions to prevailing challenges. Moreover, the Ministry is in charge of various clubs and youth centers

Visit the Youth page for more information about projects and initiatives in the Kingdom which support and empower young people. 




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Content Last Updated: 13 Aug, 2023

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