Embassies and consulates

The Kingdom enjoys excellent relations with the international community and has approximately 30 embassies and 115 diplomatic missions around the world. Through these networks, Bahraini citizens have access to all necessary support during the times they need it the most.

Embassies can also help to provide emergency travel documents and validate documents for use in the country you’re visiting.

Registering births, deaths, and marriages abroad will all require you to talk to your embassy. However, the level of assistance they offer may differ by country: in some areas of conflict, they can only offer very limited assistance.

Services offered through Bahrain Embassies to Bahrainis and non-Bahrainis

  • Request for a Visa to the Kingdom of Bahrain: Those wishing to visit Bahrain can inquire about obtaining a visa through Bahrain Electronic Visa Service (evisa.gov.bh). Many nationalities can obtain visas upon arrival in the Kingdom, or by applying at a Bahrain Embassy in advance.
  • Assistance in Obtaining Good Conduct Certificates: This service is provided for individuals outside the Kingdom wishing to obtain a good conduct certificate from the General Directorate of Criminal Investigation.
  • Document Authentication: This service is provided for individuals wishing to authenticate all types of documents and certificates. These documents could be issued in the Kingdom of Bahrain or abroad. The ministry’s authentication allows them to use these documents anywhere inside or outside the Kingdom. Authentication can be either ordinary or by issuing an Apostille Certificate.
  • Solving Citizens and Expatriates Cases Help Request: This service is provided to Bahraini citizens abroad and expatriates residing in Bahrain to solve various types of cases.

Services offered through Bahrain Embassies to Bahrainis only

  • Issuance of Passes for Bahraini Citizens Abroad: This service is provided to Bahraini citizens abroad wishing to obtain a pass in case of passport loss or a newborn outside Bahrain. This role of the Bahraini Missions is to issue passing documents valid for a one direct trip to the Kingdom of Bahrain.
    If your passport is lost or stolen abroad, please visit the nearest embassy or consulate to submit an application for issuing a pass. Please ensure you provide the required documents and follow the regulatory procedures for submission.

    For more information, please visit Nationality, Passports and Residence Affairs website.

  • Renewal and Replacement of Bahraini Passports: Bahraini citizens wishing to replace their expired passports outside the Kingdom can refer to its embassies and consulates abroad to apply for a replacement.

    For more information, please visit Nationality, Passports and Residence Affairs website.

  • Facilitating the transfer of the bodies of deceased citizens abroad to the Kingdom of Bahrain:
    In coordination with the Kingdom's embassies and consulates abroad, the Ministry facilitates procedures for the return of the bodies of the Bahraini nationals, according to the desire of their relatives.

Kingdom of Bahrain Foreign Policy

  • Highlighting the Kingdom of Bahrain’s sovereignty, independence, and unity of land on the regional, Arab and international levels.
  • Maintaining and protecting Bahrain's strategic, political and economic interests abroad and defending them.
  • Developing and strengthening bounds and relationships between the Kingdom of Bahrain and all Arab and International committees.
  • Representing Bahrain in Arab and International meetings.
  • Supporting rightful Arab and Islamic Nation causes, foremost the Palestine one.

For more information, please visit Ministry of Foreign Affairs website.


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Content Last Updated: 26 Feb, 2023

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