The family is society’s first and most important support system, so the Kingdom of Bahrain does everything it can to maintain the integrity of this fundamental institution. The Government has taken important steps to support families and promote their overall well-being, social cohesion, and stability. It has implemented a Family Law to ensure that families, especially women and children, are legally protected, and their rights upheld by addressing subjects such as marriage, divorce, custody, inheritance, and child support. Furthermore, the Government has established institutions, including the Ministry of Social Development, to provide services and support to families in need, including counselling, education, and financial assistance.

This initiative aligns with SDG 5 of promoting gender equality and empowering women, as it provides vital support and protection to women and children in vulnerable situations.

Family Counselling

Among the offerings from the Ministry of Social Development that help maintain family cohesion is counselling, an important service that protects emotional and physical health, as well as the wellbeing of the family.

Introduced in May 2007, the service has helped reduce family conflicts and resolve issues related to marriage, education, and society through preventative, therapeutic, and personal development approaches. It also offers awareness and developmental programs and preventative lectures, providing individuals with tools to ensure their stability, happiness, and contentment.

Please visit the family guidance page to view the objectives and services provided by the program.

Family Care Programme

Sometimes families go through tough times and need the support of a caring community.

The Family Care Programme implements the Ministry of Justice, Islamic Affairs and Waqf provisions related to visits with the children of divorced and separated individuals in cases where disputes arise between them. The visits are carried out at the Ministry of Social Development social centres in a safe and comfortable environment.

This program benefits every member of the family, including mothers, fathers, and children, and also custodians, and other authorized individuals.

View the Regulations and laws of the family care program (PDF, 154 KB, 2 Pages, Arabic only).

Family Protection

The safety of each and every family member is important. The Kingdom of Bahrain, through the Ministry of Social Development, has established several facilities and programs to help protect and provide a safe and regulated environment for anyone seeking help and shelter.

Dar Al Aman Shelter

Dar Al Aman (PDF, 1,875 KB, 2 Pages, Arabic only) is a free temporary shelter for women and their minor children who are subjected to domestic violence. Launched in 2006, it serves as a model for community partnerships between the Ministry of Social Development and specialised NGOs in the Kingdom.

Dar Al Karama for Social Care

A social institution affiliated with the Ministry of Social Development, Dar Al Karama for Social Care provides a range of services to first-time beggars and people without homes.

Visit the Family Care and Protection Centers.


Economic Empowerment for Bahraini Families

There are many families in the Kingdom of Bahrain who are highly talented and skilled in handicrafts and small home businesses, which is inherited from the ancient Dilmunian people. The government of Bahrain values such practices as they contribute to the Kingdom’s economic growth and diversity. Therefore, the Ministry of Social Development has launched the Productive Families program to support and develop these family businesses by providing necessary support, training, appropriate financing, as well as other support services such as marketing, promotion, and enhancing their productivity in crafting handmade products.

The nature of these handicraft industries involves simple techniques such as sewing, pottery, and others. These products were traditionally used in homes for personal use, such as clothing, decoration, and preparing popular dishes. With the government’s support through the program, these productive families have been able to reach higher levels of manufacturing, design, and innovation for their home products. They have also been able to reduce production time by utilizing necessary technology and promote their products through events and exhibitions supported by the ministry. Additionally, they have the opportunity to participate in permanent exhibitions for visitors and export to foreign markets.

The main goal of the program is to preserve traditional businesses and crafts of Bahraini families as a popular heritage and a vibrant contributor to the Bahraini economy. It also aims to increase the number of traditional businesses owned by families while promoting their entrepreneurial mindset towards larger-scale projects. The Productive Families program is supported through partnerships with non-governmental organizations and the private sector. This partnership helps alleviate financial burdens on the government while ensuring sustainability of these projects and traditional industries. It also attracts private sector companies and investors to invest in successful traditional business projects owned by families in order to expand their production lines and services.


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Content Last Updated: 21 Jul, 2024

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