Job Seeking

Private Sector Job Seeking

The Kingdom launched a National Employment Program in 2019 with the aim of developing the talents of citizens and improving their competitiveness, while still allowing the market’s to retain the flexibility it needs to attract the skilled labour it requires. The program helps employ and train Bahrainis in long-term jobs and presents them with equal opportunities in accordance with labour market needs. Jobs available through the program can be accessed via the eRecruitment Exhibition (Arabic only).

If you wish to apply for a job in the private sector, you must fill a Ministry of Labour employment form, available at recruitment and training centers located throughout the Kingdom’s governorates, or register via the ‘Job Seekers Services’ on the National Portal, For more information, please visit the employment & training centers.

Public Sector Job Seeking

This covers all government entities, including ministries, public institutions, authorities, and civil service organizations, which offer permanent, temporary, or part-time employment, or employment under a contract under stipulated terms.

If you wish to apply for a public sector job, apply online via the ‘Apply for Government Job’ service, which allows citizens to access advertised vacancies and submit applications to the government via the National Portal,

To search for or apply for a government job, please visit the following links:

Employing Expatriates

Expatriates residing in the Kingdom of Bahrain can search for jobs via the Labour Market Regulatory Authority (LMRA) Talent Portal, which is a channel that connects job seekers, both citizens and expatriates, with private sector employers. Job seekers from abroad can apply for vacancies via job listings on dedicated platforms, newspapers, or accredited international labour offices.


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Government Services Catalogue

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Content Last Updated: 04 Jul, 2023

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