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Data in the 21st century is like Oil in the 18th century, it is an immense untapped asset which is an essential component of an economy. With an exploding amount of data around the world, the process has been formed to analyze and it has been given the name of “big data”. Big data is an integral force to run today’s technological world. To highlight, with the penetration and eventual adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI) – a fourth digital revolution the capability to drive value from big data has exponentially increased.  With the necessity to thrive and stay in a technologically advanced spot, the Kingdom of Bahrain is committed to staying ahead by expanding digital connectivity to provide better lifestyles and newer opportunities to its citizen.  To do so, the country collects a vast amount every second from the areas like social media, stock markets, and websites. Also, through smartly integrated systems, surveys, and satellites. The big data is further processed through AI and data analytics tools to capture patterns and insights to make productive decisions which contribute to enhancing the Kingdom’s digitalized infrastructure to thrive Bahrain as smart nation
Big data in the Kingdom of Bahrain consists of a wide variety of information, such as social data, economic data, health data, government data, and others. This data is characterized by the fact that it is increasing continuously and very quickly, which does not allow traditional systems to store and analyze it effectively.
In order to use this big data and extract maximum value from it, modern technology such as machine learning, artificial intelligence and big statistical analysis are used. The importance of big data in the Kingdom of Bahrain is its ability to improve operations and make effective decisions in various fields, such as health, education, trade, and governance.
The government is working to develop the necessary infrastructure for analyzing big data and using it effectively, by developing the software and systems necessary to collect, store and analyze data in a safe and effective manner, in cooperation with private companies and institutions to benefit from expertise and modern technology in this field.


Bahrain's hackathon competitions are considered to be one of the most important eParticipation events related to programming and technology in the Kingdom of Bahrain. These competitions are an opportunity for developers and engineers who are interested in computing and programming technologies to learn about the latest technologies and innovations that are used in different fields. Competitions bring together experts and specialists in various fields, where technical challenges or problems are identified and participants are asked to come up with creative and effective solutions.
It is an opportunity to enhance innovation and cooperation between government, private institutions, civil society, schools and universities, enhance technical awareness and develop the skills of young people, engineers and developers in the Kingdom, as well as identify promising technology talents and provide them with a supportive and encouraging environment to develop their skills and creativity.


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Content Last Updated: 13 Jun, 2023

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