The wastewater sector operates three main systems in the Kingdom of Bahrain, namely sewage treatment, transportation of treated water, and the rainwater system. It also supports other units in the sector.

The Ministry of Works is undertaking a series of projects for Emergency Works Package-1 that address deficiencies in treatment plants, which includes developing a tanker-borne sewage treatment and reception station, improving unit efficiency to control the sludge float problem, and increasing the disposal of excess sludge in addition to installing chemical injection units. This is in addition to implementation of the Blue Water project for overload treatment, and the sewage treatment plant and deep pipeline project, which aims to relieve flowing hydraulic and organic loads.

The Ministry of Works strives to improve the level and quality of services provided to citizens and residents in the Kingdom of Bahrain. It provides the following eServices for obtaining sanitation services:

Citizens may submit a complaint related to sewage services to the Sanitary Engineering Operation and Maintenance Directorate at the Ministry of Works. The complainant will be provided with a reference number that can be used to enquire about the status of the complaint online.

Citizens and consultants can use this service to request a building permit or connection to the sanitary network. The applicant will be provided with a reference number that can be used to enquire about the status of the application. (click here)


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Content Last Updated: 26 Feb, 2023

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