Expatriate Employees

The Labour Market Regulatory Authority (LMRA), working alongside other government entities, regulates the labor market and helps to protect the rights of employers and expatriate workers alike. It offers a ‘single transaction’ service to employers and expatriates allowing for the quick and efficient issuance of work permits.

The LMRA works to raise awareness among expatriates about the laws of the Kingdom, including those covering the employees and their families. This ensures that their rights are protected and that they are productive and fairly rewarded contributors to society.

Employees can access a comprehensive guide on the rights and duties of workers in the Kingdom of Bahrain for more information.

Expatriates who wish to live and work legally in the Kingdom must submit requests for the visas and permits listed below. Employers are advised to follow the necessary procedures and submit the required documents to the LMRA prior to the arrival of their employees and families in the Kingdom.

Documents required by the LMRA for the issuance of work visas:

  • Visa application form.
  • Employee’s passport.
  • Personal photo (passport size).
  • Sponsorship letter: a letter from the employer detailing the employer’s name, company, CR number, the duties of the employee, salary, contract duration, name of employee, date of birth, and nationality.
  • Copy of employment contract.
  • Health certificate from a licensed clinic.
  • BD100 fee.


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Content Last Updated: 09 Jul, 2024

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