Judicial Announcements

Judicial announcements allow notified parties to carry out a specific procedure in cases pending before the courts by submitting a copy of the judicial paper containing this procedure, whether it was prior, present, or subsequent to the litigation. The announcements refer to judicial rulings, statements of lawsuits and appeals, expediting lawsuits or returning them after suspension or cancellation, and any judicial paper intended to be communicated to the litigant.

Judicial announcements are submitted electronically to the email address mentioned in the lawsuit when filed online. The electronic announcements are sent to the parties involved when the case is filed, including the announcement of its classification and subject, case number, the name of relevant court, and the date of the hearing. Announcements are also sent when submitting and exchanging correspondence, as well as when submitting applications and procedures taken in their regard.

The services available on the National Portal bahrain.bh allow access to all judicial announcements and notifications.


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Content Last Updated: 26 Feb, 2023

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