The Kingdom of Bahrain’s retirement system is subject to public and private sector regulations, and the oversight of the Social Insurance Organization.

In line with the Kingdom’s commitment to offering the public a better quality of life, social insurance is mandatory by law for all employed citizens in the Kingdom. The Social Insurance Organization (SIO) is charged with managing the social insurance fund and providing insurance services for all individuals covered by the Kingdom’s Civil Services Law (PDF, 2.1MB, 123 Pages, Arabic Only) and Social Insurance Law. Launched in accordance with Law No. (3) of 2008 (PDF, 227KB, 5 Pages, Arabic Only), SIO provides social insurance coverage for public and private sector employees against risks associated with old age, disability, death, work-related injuries, and unemployment.

Insured private sector employees can calculate their pension according to their preferred retirement dates via Social Insurance Organization Services.

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Content Last Updated: 04 Jun, 2023

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