The Government Plan

The Government Plan will focus on the achievements of the Kingdom and its people in the light of the fiscal balance between expenses and revenues, the continuous positive economic growth, cash stability, and sustainable, comprehensive development. The Government Plan was developed in line with the main instructions, policies, and initiatives desired to be achieved during the next four years to maintain security and stability, and provide necessary services to the citizen. This will be achieved by maintaining the current gains, avoiding any future burdens on the citizen, and improving citizens' living conditions to enhance citizen-driven development.

Bahrain is looking forward to achieving the following general objectives of the Government Plan:

  • Invest in citizens through enhancing, improving, and sustaining the government services in education, health, and other sectors
  • Create a safe and stable society
  • Enhance the sustainable, comprehensive development to achieve fiscal balance and maintain positive economic growth.
  • Support the private sector to become the most significant motive in the development to create quality opportunities for citizens and investors
  • Establish rules for optimal use of resources and ensure their sustainability for the next coming generations.
  • Sustain social and economic development by adopting legislation and initiatives supporting family stability and achieving gender equity
  • Continue financing development projects and infrastructure enhancing growth and serving citizens
  • Redefine the role of the public sector from the main driver to a regulator and partner, developing and facilitating the government procedures
  • Support creativity, excellence, and the role of women, youth, and sports in all government programs and initiatives

When Bahrain creates a stable society, this will lead to a sustainable community. Positive economic growth, economic development, gender equity, a better education system, and creativity, are all present in the Government Plan. The Government Plan objectives are a reflection of the Sustainable Development Goals 2030 (SDGs).


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Content Last Updated: 10 Jul, 2024

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