About the National Portal

What is the National Portal of the Kingdom of Bahrain (bahrain.bh)?

The National Portal is your first step for easy access to government information and services. It offers a unified experience across multiple channels, whether you're a citizen, resident, business owner, or visitor to the Kingdom. It aims to provide high-quality and efficient services by facilitating your communication with various government entities. You can submit your opinions and suggestions to help enhance government services and your overall experience.
The National Portal was developed as part of Bahrain Economic Vision 2030 and is managed by the Information & eGovernment Authority (iGA).

Development of the National Portal, bahrain.bh

The National Portal was developed in line with the Government Action Plan for creating an environment that supports sustainable development, with a focus on enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of the public sector. It has undergone enhancements including upgrading its infrastructure and technologies to the latest available technologies in the market and follows international website design to ensure an optimized user experience, and easy navigation and accessibility to government services.

What can you find on the National Portal, bahrain.bh?

When you visit the National Portal, you will find:
•    Information and services covering vital sectors in the Kingdom, catering to both individuals and business owners
•    Information about plans and strategic projects aligned with Bahrain Economic Vision 2030
•    Guides and instructions for using government services
•    Statistics on eGovernment channels
•    The eGovernment Apps Store, which offers various government applications
•    Communication platforms to voice your opinions and communicate with government entities

Main additions to the National Portal

•    An information directory section titled "Your Life in Bahrain," provides answers to your daily inquiries, saving you time and effort in searching for information. Additionally, there is a dedicated section called "About the Kingdom" that keeps you informed about the latest developments, development plans, strategies, and government projects.
•    The eServices section features new categories to facilitate easy and simplified access to eServices.
•    A personalized profile page when logging in with the eKey enables you to select favorite services, view previous financial transactions, update personal information, receive notifications from various government entities. Multiple payment methods, including BenefitPay and ApplePay, are available.
•    A directory of government services offers a comprehensive guide categorized by service type or service provider. It provides all the necessary information, including procedures, requirements, and documents to allow users to benefit from both electronic and non-electronic services.
•    A page for eParticipation where your contributions, ideas, and innovative suggestions in digital services are considered, and where inspiring stories of successful public experiences are shared. Additionally, a guide to the eParticipation Policy and the use of social media has been added, along with financial reports, public budgets, performance reports, customer satisfaction studies, and relevant evaluations of public services.

•    Save credit or debit cards using the “Saved Cards” feature for secure and easy payment on the National Portal bahrain.bh.

How to use the National Portal, bahrain.bh?

Upon entering the Portal, you can search for government services or information using the search box. Alternatively, you can specify the purpose of your visit by selecting the Information Directory menu to access the latest government information related to life in Bahrain, including facts, figures, strategic plans, and events. You can also choose the eServices menu to access a variety of government services categorized based on your needs or the service provider.

How is the National Portal, bahrain.bh updated?

We work in collaboration with government entities in the Kingdom of Bahrain to ensure accurate information updates and optimal provision of eServices. Your feedback and suggestions are taken into consideration, along with the results obtained from measuring user satisfaction during the development and updating process of the Portal and our other electronic channels. This aligns with the Unified Code of Conduct for Customer Service document, which aims to deliver the highest levels of performance for government services.

eServices Statistics

We regularly track and update the statistics on eServices usage across all channels. These statistics are crucial performance indicators that help us develop services that meet your needs, in partnership with relevant entities.

Tracking National Portal Users

We employ various technical solutions to measure and analyze the user experience when you visit the website, while ensuring the protection of your personal data (such as name or personal identification number) in compliance with the Personal Data Protection Law followed by all government entities.

We track the following indicators on the portal:
•    Pages or applications you visit
•    Duration of your stay on each page or application
•    How you access the website and what links you visited


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Content Last Updated: 27 May, 2024

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